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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The tale of Marilyn.........

This morning I would like to share a short story. I find this amusing, because I simply do. Last weekend I went off to the shop (all gussied up, I might add) to spend my day fluffing up the upstairs showrooms for the upcoming open house. I enjoy flipping, shoving, revamping, and optimizing space. I actually work up a sweat. Those who have been here, know what I am talking about. Sometimes I literally have to get out the shoehorn..........(ok, I am exaggerating a tad.) So back to my tale. I was getting into my mode, when I heard a familiar voice.......Utoh. One of the CHATTIEST customers on the planet. Now don't get me wrong, she is sweet, but when the conversation is engaged, dust starts to accumulate. Literally, I can feel it layer on my skin........So she begins a confabulation of how she spotted a Marilyn Monroe coffee table book downstairs, and wonders if I would accept a MUCH lower price on this most fabulous piece of historical literature. As we bantered, gabbed, gossiped, prattled, babbled and chattered, the world was moving around us. Finally my feet, my dependable wonderful feet, stepped in and delivered me from conversational claustrophobia. I know, I know, get to the point. Ok, so I go to make a phone call (after all of the banter,gab,gossip,prattle,babble and chat) to said consignor of said literary history (aka Marilyn). And as I am pressing the numbers on the cordless phone, I am informed that Marilyn has just left the building! At full price to boot. Mrs. Chat is dispondent. I feel the words begin to seep, I sway to and fro.........feets don't fail me now!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's finally arrived.....and appropriately on the first day of autumn. Yes, the orange vinyl banquette has landed! In the warm and muggy darkness of the final evening of summer it covertly appeared, like a beacon in the night. (Oxymoron?) Awaiting a good scrub and a place of honor inside the shop, he sits patiently. Oh and she could be waiting a while........there is so much inside to re-arrange, time to get out the ladder and tape measure! My mind is clicking (sometimes smoking) with all of the ideas and designs I would like to actualize. BZZZZZZZZZ goes my brain. But it's a good thing.
In the vestibule the slate has been wiped clean, and Baking at Grandma's House is being "cooked up". Evoking age old memories of Sundays at the best place to eat in town! MMM. Delicious pies, stews, and my Grama's specialty, Chicken Cacciatiore. I am licking my lips as I write, remembering the tangy sauce and the succulent chicken as it fell off of the bone and melted in my mouth. Ok. Back to reality. Beginning with a Hoosier and a chalkboard this vignette will truly take you back. Baking pans, soup pots, apple pie making paraphenalia. (Have I piqued your interest yet?) Grama says" I'll save you a seat at the on the Orange Vinyl so don't be late for dinner!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So much to do!

Good morning on this sunniest of days.
As I sit here sipping my morning cuppa joe, my mind is spinning, spinning, spinning. Where do I go from here? I ponder as I try to plan the soft landing of the fabulous orange vinyl banquette with its more than fabulous boomerang table, I snatched up at an estate sale a few weeks ago. Don't think that hasn't been making me a little wacky....I know most folks dream of White Christmases and ponies, but I dream of vintage vinyl and boomerangs.
Accept me as I am.
I sit here, and with each click of a key, I add another idea to what little space is left inside my internal message board. Painting cupboards to artfully display the cool and classy blue depression glass I have been clinging to all summer, as well as the crisp blue and white Blue Danube dinnerware I have also been hoarding. Oh my, everything from clocks to tall drink tumblers. MMMMM.
And don't even get me started on the POD.
Rummaging around a closet at the orange vinyls home, I discovered some super duper vintage dresses, and accessories. I had enticed my daughter to join me, under the pretense of gifts from the sale (she gladly took the bait) and away we went. Genetics? Oh yeah. She is a chip off the old block. Way.
Needless to say it was double the pleasure,double the fun and I needed to beg off 3 friends to haul back what wouldn't squeeze into the wagon. (Not to mention the orange vinyl still waiting to be transported!)
Probing every nook and cranny is key. Turning every stone, once, twice, even 3 times. The rewards are amazing. From the silly to the sublime. Rescuing the otherwise discarded, tossed away and forgotten, I bring it to you, with love.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Morning all. I feel refreshed and restored. Last night I travelled back in time to a place I loved to be. As I was preforming the dreaded task of end of month paperwork, I had an epiphany. Why not listen to some music on my computer while I trudge through entries on my spring green Dell? I went to scarf up my daughters pair of booming Bose and plugged them in (with a little help from the hub, as I struggle with electronic devices...) And away I went! I clicked onto Youtube in one tab and travelled back to another era. I dialed up Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius, which led to a 2 hour trip down memory lane with my old friend Joni Mitchell. As I clicked away on the keyboard entering figures, my mind was simutaneously transported to my turbulent youth. The emotions of the songs reflecting the memories of my past. The strength and weakness, confusion and flaws ringing out in delicious melody. AAh Heaven. The paperwork is a blur, only the sweet scent of music still lingers.........

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back from blog vacation!

My life has been so full of living, I have simply forgotten to write about it! To my surprise and delight, aunt katie's had been holding her own, during this current economic pickle. I have always believed that keeping the shop's atmosphere colorful, fun and stimulating, with an added bonus of leaving your wallet with enough dough for food on the way home, standard. I have seen so many businesses take the plunge only to take a dive a short while later, due to unrealistic visions of grandeur and short term riches. An old fashioned slow and steady pace, thats the life for me. Since I last blogged, aunt katie's fashionably celebrated her 14th birthday in April, with an annual bash. In June, we hosted our annual outdoor flea market (no rain!!! but hot! I'll take it!). Our dedicated friends at Helping Paws Animal Rescue were there with a few furry friends in tow for a pet adoption clinic. We had an eclectic mixture of vendors who were selling like crazy!
A wonderful day for all, with the added bonus of no days end monsoon. This fall we have many plans in the pot for displays and new merchandise coming out of the deep freeze. Keep your eyes peeled and your hearing aid turned up. Oh my my creative juices are flowing............