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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The tale of Marilyn.........

This morning I would like to share a short story. I find this amusing, because I simply do. Last weekend I went off to the shop (all gussied up, I might add) to spend my day fluffing up the upstairs showrooms for the upcoming open house. I enjoy flipping, shoving, revamping, and optimizing space. I actually work up a sweat. Those who have been here, know what I am talking about. Sometimes I literally have to get out the shoehorn..........(ok, I am exaggerating a tad.) So back to my tale. I was getting into my mode, when I heard a familiar voice.......Utoh. One of the CHATTIEST customers on the planet. Now don't get me wrong, she is sweet, but when the conversation is engaged, dust starts to accumulate. Literally, I can feel it layer on my skin........So she begins a confabulation of how she spotted a Marilyn Monroe coffee table book downstairs, and wonders if I would accept a MUCH lower price on this most fabulous piece of historical literature. As we bantered, gabbed, gossiped, prattled, babbled and chattered, the world was moving around us. Finally my feet, my dependable wonderful feet, stepped in and delivered me from conversational claustrophobia. I know, I know, get to the point. Ok, so I go to make a phone call (after all of the banter,gab,gossip,prattle,babble and chat) to said consignor of said literary history (aka Marilyn). And as I am pressing the numbers on the cordless phone, I am informed that Marilyn has just left the building! At full price to boot. Mrs. Chat is dispondent. I feel the words begin to seep, I sway to and fro.........feets don't fail me now!

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