aunt katie's attic



Thursday, December 9, 2010


The holidays I remember as a child were filled with magic and wonder. The countdown to Christmas included going to sit on Santas lap (a horrifying experience on my part), ice skating on Saturday nights, getting whacked in the face with snowballs from my tomboy sister. Fresh cold frosty air on my cheeks made my nose run while we barreled up the giant hill in the backyard dragging the thousand pound bobsled we found in the old barn. Flying down the hill at lightening speed, I imagined being on Santas sleigh! Imagination. The glue that held us together. Imagination, the wonder of Christmas. Today so little imagination still exists. Everything is so in your face, instantaneous, and predictable. I pine for the days of yore when a giant pine became an apartment complex and a downed old log was a ship that sailed the seven seas. Imagination. My salvation. Growing up in the country was a lonely existence, but with my imagination I was never alone.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Life's little curveballs

I sit here on this spectacular sunny morning, trying to accept the detour the Universe has so gracioulsy put in my path. It was my full intention to move forward ***FULL STEAM AHEAD*** like a chugging strong black iron locomotive, blasting my way into my dream of real estate ownership. Ah, but the Universe, She has other plans for me. "Take a break, Kate. Focus on your health." I am getting some of the message loud and clear, but MY will is knocking at the back of my head like a jackhammer chopping at a thick slab of stubborn concrete. The inside of my brain feels like the WWF is hosting a tag team wrestling match marathon . Oh what to do? As I placed the ? mark at the end of the last sentence the phone rang, and no one was there, perhaps another Universal communique?
It is beginning to sink in, much like the icky ponds of quicksand in those cheesy vintage sci-fi films. "Kate, take a break... no need to go under."
The Universe has spoken.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A shop full of newbies.

After 15 years in business I sometimes take my shop for granted, and it takes a first timer to re-ignite my passion. Today was one of those newbie days.
All the way from Lee Massachussetts came friends, Cynthia and Kathleen who found us online and had to come experience the shop for themselves! From bracelets to mixing bowls, they were in their element. Smiling from ear to ear as they hauled out their bags of booty, promising to come back soon. On their heels were Cookie and Tony from Saratoga who literally lit up the shop with their electrifying energy and love for anything vintage. "Hey Tony, come over here and see all of these cookbooks" said an excited Cookie. "Oh my Goodness Cookie, we could be here all day..." I fell in love with them, and my shop all over again. Along came Vicki the owner of Sonrise Diaper Service ,whom I met at the Buy Local Bash, ( a local business soiree) for her first official visit to aunt katie's. Beaming with every new discovery, she found some incredible bargains, and loaded up the van! Well that just about sent me over the moon. You see it's not just about making the sale, for me it's more about making the friend.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Step one. Start the process of buying a building.

Today is good day to start. The sun is shining. I woke up this morning and discovered I was still breathing, half the battle's won already. My mission: call Keri and get the ball rolling.

A few weeks ago I did a guided meditation by Davidji and asked the Universe to guide me. Well it seems the Universe has called and wants me to get on the stick, literally. Dick Schultz has been busy in the yard bushwhacking and prodding me to make some forward movement to get this thing in the bag, sewn up, papers signed....blah,blah,blah. I need a gentler approach, almost slow motion. No. Today I decided to simply make a phone call. Just one. Somewhere between here and there is a whole lot of information. Baby steps. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

I can see it all inside of my head. Time to make it happen.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Looking forward to something new.

I feel a new wind blowing, it's a breezy wind of change.
I feel a new day coming and it feels a little strange.
Uninspired with all the routine, each day in and out, something new is coming,
don't know what it's about.
I just know my feet are itching to try a brand new dance, I really want to do it I just need to take the chance.
I must leave my fears and worries in a box outside the door, take a breath, a step, a leap of faith and believe it to my core.
This is my anthem.
Time to buy the building.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The tale of Marilyn.........

This morning I would like to share a short story. I find this amusing, because I simply do. Last weekend I went off to the shop (all gussied up, I might add) to spend my day fluffing up the upstairs showrooms for the upcoming open house. I enjoy flipping, shoving, revamping, and optimizing space. I actually work up a sweat. Those who have been here, know what I am talking about. Sometimes I literally have to get out the shoehorn..........(ok, I am exaggerating a tad.) So back to my tale. I was getting into my mode, when I heard a familiar voice.......Utoh. One of the CHATTIEST customers on the planet. Now don't get me wrong, she is sweet, but when the conversation is engaged, dust starts to accumulate. Literally, I can feel it layer on my skin........So she begins a confabulation of how she spotted a Marilyn Monroe coffee table book downstairs, and wonders if I would accept a MUCH lower price on this most fabulous piece of historical literature. As we bantered, gabbed, gossiped, prattled, babbled and chattered, the world was moving around us. Finally my feet, my dependable wonderful feet, stepped in and delivered me from conversational claustrophobia. I know, I know, get to the point. Ok, so I go to make a phone call (after all of the banter,gab,gossip,prattle,babble and chat) to said consignor of said literary history (aka Marilyn). And as I am pressing the numbers on the cordless phone, I am informed that Marilyn has just left the building! At full price to boot. Mrs. Chat is dispondent. I feel the words begin to seep, I sway to and fro.........feets don't fail me now!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's finally arrived.....and appropriately on the first day of autumn. Yes, the orange vinyl banquette has landed! In the warm and muggy darkness of the final evening of summer it covertly appeared, like a beacon in the night. (Oxymoron?) Awaiting a good scrub and a place of honor inside the shop, he sits patiently. Oh and she could be waiting a while........there is so much inside to re-arrange, time to get out the ladder and tape measure! My mind is clicking (sometimes smoking) with all of the ideas and designs I would like to actualize. BZZZZZZZZZ goes my brain. But it's a good thing.
In the vestibule the slate has been wiped clean, and Baking at Grandma's House is being "cooked up". Evoking age old memories of Sundays at the best place to eat in town! MMM. Delicious pies, stews, and my Grama's specialty, Chicken Cacciatiore. I am licking my lips as I write, remembering the tangy sauce and the succulent chicken as it fell off of the bone and melted in my mouth. Ok. Back to reality. Beginning with a Hoosier and a chalkboard this vignette will truly take you back. Baking pans, soup pots, apple pie making paraphenalia. (Have I piqued your interest yet?) Grama says" I'll save you a seat at the on the Orange Vinyl so don't be late for dinner!"